Welcome at Ruijter Bloembollen


At Ruijter Bloembollen we believe that a healthy soil is the basis for healthy tulips. We grow our bulbs and flowers on land that we enriched with natural minerals. This makes the soil fertile and resilient and that is reflected in our final product.

Sustainable growing

Our greenhouses have a Green Label Greenhouse certificate. This means that it is responsibly handled with energy and water. But we go one step further.

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Modern range

The species that we have in our collection grow quickly, without sacrificing quality and weight. Moreover, they are easy to process and have a low failure rates.

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Bulb growing in Chile

A part of our bulbs is grown in the south of Chile, just above Patagonia. These bulbs are in a greenhouse from September, resulting that we're able to provide our first batch in October.

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Track-and-trace system

In our company we work with an advanced track-and-trace system. If anomalies are detected, we can always trace what happened and we can improve the process.

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Who are we

We work with an enthusiastic team of employees from different countries. We have a nice atmosphere and a neat, light and especially clean workspace. In short, a workplace where it is pleasant for everyone.